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XEODesign (pronounced zee-oh-design) is an award-winning firm that helps organizations increase engagement with play. We identify ways to increase engagement by eliminating factors that prevent play, and we uncover new opportunities for creating experiences based on what players like the most about games.

We envision new game-inspired products and services, and we design the player behaviors, game mechanics, and emotions that make them work best. We help our clients innovate and attract new markets through revealing player's hidden motivations and catalyze their team's creativity.

Our continuing research on why we play games helps us unearth new methods for increasing engagement with play.

Do you know of her 4 Fun Keys? If you are a game designer and the answer is ‘no,' then first, swift kick to the shins!! And, next, get started. It is good stuff.
— Jason VandenBerghe, Creative Director Ubisoft
It would be impossible to overestimate the extent to which Nicole Lazzaro's research has contributed to a better understanding of play in the context of videogames.
— Chris Bateman, author of 21st Century Game Design
Instead of doing something different, they did something right.
— J.C. Herz, New York Times

Nicole Lazzaro


A world-renowned game researcher, designer, and speaker who makes games more fun, Nicole Lazzaro discovered the Four Keys to Fun in 2004, a model used by hundreds of thousands of game developers worldwide. She used this model to design the iPhone's first accelerometer game in 2007, Tilt World. One of the 100 most influential women in high tech, top 20 women working in video games, and top 10 women in gamification, Nicole's work has been widely cited by global news media such as Wired, Fast Company, CNN, CNET, and the Wall Street Journal. She has advised the White House and the US State Department on the use of games to unlock human potential to improve our world.

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Rebeka Joye Reinhart

designer and front end developer

Rebeka Joye Reinhart has been working in game art and illustration since 2009. Inspired by games, artwork, robotics, science fiction, and mythology, she strives to bring the fields together to make games and experiences that are visually stunning, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Favorite game series: Fallout, FEAR, Mass Effect, Battlefield
Cups of coffee consumed: 873+


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